Urban Wood Studio makes handcrafted jewelry using wood, resin and silver. Varying resin colors can achieve bright eye catching accessories as well as statement pieces of subtle elegance. The organic look of wood combined with the sleek resin allows my designs to appeal to a wide range of people.   

About the Artist

My name is Lauren Pratt. For over a decade I was a passionate, hardworking line cook. I loved it so much that for awhile I ignored the aches and the mental confusion.

However Lyme Disease will not be ignored. Things got so bad that my husband called my parents and simply said "I think we are both losing your daughter." I am a Lyme Disease survivor. For almost 5 years Lyme tried like hell to take everything from me. As a result of my illness I discovered this craft, which became a way to work when I felt well enough. I have a couple years of carpentry experience and a mother and sister in the jewelry business.The craft of wood jewelry was an easy leap. I wanted to incorporate color, elegance, and complexity which is often lacking in wood jewelry. With the inclusion of resin I was once again excited about what I was creating and proud of the craftsmanship of my product.


During the darkest part of my life this craft brought the light back in. My battle with Lyme Disease has allowed me to discover my new career as a maker and because of the unwavering support of my husband and my family I am alive today to share it with you. 

About The Art

This extensive process can be broken down into four stages of production.

  1. Cast wood and resin together to make one cohesive media that is then cut and shaped using wood working tools.

  2. Hand sand pieces up to 10,000 grit.

  3. Apply finishes to wood and resin, then polish and buff all surfaces.

  4. Finish pieces with sterling silver chain and hand formed ear wires.